Digital Printing

Digital Printing Johannesburg
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Digital printing saves time and money

Digital printing is the perfect solution when you are pressed for time, budget conscious and do not want to compromise on quality. Using a direct computer-to-paper printing process, it does not require a lengthy set-up process as with litho printing. However, digital printing is not geared for printing large quantities of any item, whether it is business cards, flyers, brochures, booklets or posters.

Digital printing is more cost effective on short print runs and a lot quicker than litho printing. With digital, you can merge variable data from a spreadsheet into the final printed item. For example, it is possible to print thousands of letters with a different address and name on each letter.

The digital printer is limited by the type of paper stock it is able to print on though. Paper Grammage accepted by a digital printer vary from a normal 80gsm bond to 300gsm gloss and could be up to A0 in size. It is also possible to print on smaller paper sizes, like envelopes, perfect for printing variable data, like addresses, perfect for direct mailing campaigns.

Although a digital printer can print high volumes, it is usually not cost-effective to do so. For this reason, you should consider litho printing when wanting to print high volumes. Most high-end digital printers have duplex printing technology, which means that it is possible to print on both sides of the paper instantaneously.