Litho Printing

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Litho Printing Machine
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Litho printing is typically best suited for larger print runs, especially when quality is not negotiable. The process varies greatly from the digital printing process but is similar to web printing and offset printing. However, the setup cost and lead time is much higher than that for digital prints.

Given this, the cost should not differ too much when you’re printing a run of 15,000 or 20,000 copies. The only difference in price would be the extra paper and time needed to print the extra 5,000 copies. Since a litho printer prints extremely quick, the extra time should not make much difference and the real difference in price would come down to the extra paper used.

As a quick guide, depending on the size of the final print, if you need a print run of up to 5,000 prints, go digital, if you need more than 5,000, go litho. But if quality is a concern and budget is less so, we would suggest litho printing.

Have a look at the available Printing Companies in Gauteng and choose any one of those for your next litho printing job.

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